Experts told this artist her dream was impossible. It’s a good thing she didn’t listen.

Whoa dude this amazing

so rad

Eartha Kitt photographed at the pool by Isaac Sutton, c. 1959

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"my ass in a net and yall makin shitty puns."

Sucker Punch is so underrated! The music alone...just awesome!
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I’m sorry that you had to see this pictures, but have you ever heard about theSurabaya Zoo? It’s the biggest zoo in Indonesia and it is, basically, a place for animals to die in the most horrible ways. They don’t have vets, they hardly ever clean the place, staff sells animal’s food, some of them are in really small cages…

You see the giraffe on the picture? It ate 20kg of plastic bags cause it was starving and all there was to eat was garbage. About 25 animals die per month.

The government doesn’t care about the zoo and ONGs have problems to release the animals cause most of them are not in healthy conditions to just go back to their true homes.

SIGN THE PETITION TO SHUT DOWN SURABAYA ZOO! Help to make a change. Reblog it. Post it on all your social medias. Invite your friends to join. Tell everyone you know about it.

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I need to go to Download this year.

For avenged sevenfold alone!!!